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Is the energetically efficient Isobloc wall system structurally load-bearing?

Yes! Isobloc satisfies the structural resistance requirements of section 9.4 (NBC 2005). The Isobloc concrete masonry blocks can therefore be used for building load-bearing inside or outside walls.

Does the installation of the Isobloc blocks require a particular mortar?

No. uAn S or N type mortar (standard) may be used with the isobloc units. Moreover, Isobloc is certified for this usage by the Canadian Standards Association (CSA A179-94).

Is the cost of installing the Isobloc system higher than that of installing the conventional blocs insulated with urethane?

No. Installing an Isobloc wall system is not costlier; in fact, the costs linked to an Isobloc installation are often less than those associated with a traditional block installation. Furthermore, Isobloc enables you to save on your building’s heating and maintenance costs.

How are Isobloc blocks installed?

The Isobloc wall is assembled using a standard mortar, similar to a traditional brick wall. For more information on the laying of blocks, consult the Installation section.