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« I would like to let you know my appreciation for the Isobloc product. When we chose the Isobloc product in 1998, we thought we had made the right choice; but Isobloc went beyond our expectations. I can state that even 11 years after building, we still have not found a single fault with the system and that if we were to do it over, our choice would remain the same. The quality/price ratio is beyond compare!

As regards maintenance: no problem, solid, clean and truly no maintenance. When we renovated in 2005, 80% of the blocks were reused. Isobloc is therefore an economical and ecological system. Furthermore, as the Isobloc product is a complete system, building and renovating is very quick because everything is done within one operation: structure, insulation and inside and outside covering.

This product is without peer. We will be happy to have people visit our premises to prove to them that this system is the best wall system that can be chosen! » - Mister Gaston Tardif, Tardif Diesel Inc
« Isobloc has an excellent soundproofing level. house is located only 500 meters from a railway line and I never hear the train going by when I’m inside! I’ve also noticed Isobloc’s efficiency in my business right in the heart of the industrial park in St-Hyacinthe. » - Mister Réal Royer, ELCARGO Fabrication
« My garage is located on Ste-Anne Boulevard in Ste-Anne-de-Beaupré. Thanks to the sound proofing of the Isobloc wall system, I can’t hear any outside noise! Furthermore, the blocks provide a nice finish to the inside and outside of my garage. » - Mister Mario Desharnais, Desharnais Transmission
« I strongly recommend the use of Isobloc for residential construction because it is an excellent product in regards to insulation. Let’s not forget the sound proofing that this product also affords: we can’t even hear the wind whistling outside in winter! Furthermore, there is no air infiltration through the walls of my house, which reduces my heating bill. Finally, what about the comfort inside my house! There is simply no humidity and no mushrooms!

In other words, if I had to rebuild, I would again go to Isobloc. It’s a modern system that effectively replaces the use of traditional materials such as mineral wool or wood. » - Mister Roger Croteau
« It’s an ideal product for a welding shop and, thanks to the blocks thermal mass, heat quickly comes back inside our premises when we’ve opened the doors to take out material. Conversely, in summer the inside of the building always retains its coolness. » - Mister Michel Roy, Soudure Roy
« I’ve had remarkable savings on the heating costs of my house. When we know the product, we stick with Isobloc! » - Mister Angélo Vachon
« Isobloc is a very fine product that deserves to be known and that will cause an uproar within the construction industry! The concrete blocks have completely eliminated the thermal bridges and humidity in our offices. » - Mister Paul-Émile Leblanc, Conception Promécanick
« Very nice building, very hot, very airtight, so much so that I had to install an air exchanger in the garage! » - Mister C. Chenail