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The Isobloc wall system is made up of isolated structural blocks. Thanks to their unique concept, they include the exterior finish, the insulation and the interior finish all in one. By combining these three building steps together, Isobloc notably enables a faster execution time as well as a cost and material reduction and less contractors on the work site.

Isobloc also offers:

Superior thermal insulation, resulting in a better energetic efficiency (R23*), lower heating costs and great comfort whatever the season. Two-hour fire resistance (ULC) leading to better security for people and material goods.
Accrued protection against built-up humidity and moulding inside the walls. A local purchase. As the blocks are entirely made in Quebec, you save on transportation costs.
Excellent sound proofing. An eco-friendly product meeting many criteria associated with the LEEDS certification.
Greater durability that could better the resale value of your property. The best quality/price ration on the market for a complete wall system.

*R23 Thermal resistance unit of measure. The higher the factor, the better the insulating capacity of the given material and thus, the more the heating and/or conditioning costs are reduced. Take note that the average for Quebec houses is R12 and that the Isobloc system is R23.